Mission & History



Lifelong Learning supports learning opportunities for children and adults residing in affordable housing communities, providing computer access, educational and vocational training opportunities, and child-centered learning for low-income families and children.


Lifelong Learning was created as a Connecticut non-profit agency in late 2004, and received 501(c)(3) status in early 2005. Lifelong Learning was the vision of Arthur Greenblatt and Steve Erie, founders of Vesta Corporation. Arthur and Steve believed that on-site educational and supportive services for affordable housing communities were essential to help address systemic racial, socioeconomic and other barriers to residents’ individual achievement and community success. Furthermore, recognizing that low-income children often face significant educational disadvantages compared with higher-income peers, they believed in the importance of enriching after-school programs to help level the playing field.

Today, Lifelong Learning remains an independent non-profit agency, endeavoring to provide affordable housing community residents with an array of free services and opportunities for personal growth and success. Lifelong Learning works closely with affordable housing developers, coordinating and/or providing resident services at affordable housing communities.

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